Mandatory Information

Mandatory Information


Based on articles 28 & 29 of Law 4583/2018

Details of the Insurance Mediator:

  • Name: Maletschek & Partner Hellas, Sakaroglou A. & Co KG
  • Head Office: Vasiliko, Chalkida, Euboea, Asklipiou & Evripidou PC: 34002
  • VAT: EL 095512758     
  • Tax Office: Chalkida
  • Chamber: Evia
  • Registration num: 28009 
  • Special Registr. num: 41    
  • GCR num: 46157222000
  • Status of insurance intermediary: Insurance Agent
  • Tel: +30 22210 51710      
  • e-mail: 
  • website:

The above data can be verified through the Internet link of the Single Information Point:

Insurance Intermediation Services

The insurance intermediation services provided by “Maletschek & Partner Hellas” consist in the presentation of insurance coverage solutions that are integrated in the insurance products of the insurance companies that cooperate with it, as they have been formed by the insurance companies themselves. The advice provided to the clients by “Maletschek & Partner Hellas”, in its capacity as an insurance intermediary, is given on the basis of the information provided by the clients themselves, as they are registered in the special “CLIENT NEEDS FORM”, and is completely documented and perfectly adapted to their requirements and needs. “
Maletschek & Partner Hellas” does not accept insurance applications, does not assess and / or accept insurance risks and generally does not promise or undertake obligations that bind the insurance companies with which it cooperates. The acceptance of insurance applications, the assessment and / or acceptance of insurance risks and in general the assumption of obligations in relation to and in the context of the selected insurance product is carried out by the cooperating insurance company that provides it. “Maletschek & Patner Hellas” carries out the activity of insurance mediation through non-exclusive cooperation with insurance companies based on a written contract between them. The cooperating insurance companies have instructed “Maletschek & Partner Hellas” to collect insurance premiums and the latter is remunerated on the basis of a commission included in the premium.

“Maletschek & Partner Hellas” does not promote investment products based on insurance.

“Maletschek & Partner Hellas” has no direct or indirect participation in an insurance company that exceeds 10% of its voting rights or capital.

No insurance company has a direct or indirect participation in “Maletschek & Partner Hellas” that exceeds 10% of the voting rights or its capital.

Complaints settlement / Cases of complaints

For any complaints and to resolve them you can contact “Maletschek & Partner Hellas” at the above mentioned contact details.

In any case for acts or omissions that constitute a violation of the current legislation on insurance intermediation as well as for acts that are contrary to good business ethics, that conflict with public order and especially for acts or omissions that can be attributed to the insurance intermediary, the insured, counterparties, beneficiaries and other interested parties can submit a written complaint to the Department of Private Insurance Supervision (DoPIS) of the Bank of Greece (Address: 21 El. Venizelou, Athens 10250, Tel. Center: +30 2103201111, website: For out-of-court settlement of disputes, the insured, counterparties, beneficiaries and other interested parties can appeal to the Independent Consumer Ombudsman Authority (Address: 144 Alexandras Ave., Athens 11471, tel: +30 2106460862, website:, e-mail without limiting the out-of-court settlement of the dispute before other courts.