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Who we are

MALETSCHEK & PARTNER HELLAS Agency specializes in the of Transport/Cargo insurance industry. The provision of our services is characterized by non-negotiable integrity, transparency, high level of expertise, thus ensuring full insurance coverage through tailor-made insurance products, according to the needs of each insured. Trained and experienced executives from the headquarters of our agency, located at Vassiliko, Chalkida, provide customer services to our insured both in Greece and abroad, as well as to our network’s partners.

Driven by our deep knowledge and expertise and our extensive experience in Supply Chain Insurance, Maletschek & Partner Hellas maintains leading position in the insurance market.

We ensure full comprehensive insurance for you.


Historical Background
The first steps in the Insurance Industry are made in Bremen, Germany.
Mr. Rainer Maletschek works as a managing director in a large German insurance broker company
Hellas Insurance Consulting is founded in Bremen.
The successful course continues in Greece, where Maletschek & Partner Hellas Agency is established
Maletschek & Partner Hellas Agency is located in owned offices at Vassiliko, Chalkida

At the same time, Maletschek GmbH is established in Bremen, Germany; in collaboration with Maletschek & Partner Hellas, it provides counseling services, among other services.

Excellent Management together with the competent staff of our companies leads to a successful progress in the European market.
Family Business philosophy is established, with the New Generation dynamically involved in the Insurance Sector
A partner network has been developed in the largest cities and towns of Greece and abroad. Together with continuous support, it ensures comprehensive insurance of freight forwarding.
25 years of successful presence and development in Greece.

Maletschek & Partner Hellas, through the provision of services and qualitative insurance products, is well known in the market, and it has established long-standing mutual trust relationships.

Development and excellence continue. A very significant share of the supply chain in Greece and abroad trusts Maletschek & Partner Hellas.

Global Network

Global Expert Network

We work with independent surveyors who act immediately and effectively in cases of damage all over the world.


Our Philosophy

Both consistency and prestige are non-negotiable and essential values of our business.

Continuous progress and training of our company’s employees and officials in public and private certified organizations in Greece and abroad is always in our philosophy and an essential investment of our company, aiming at providing perfect services to our customers and partners.

We combine the power of specialized knowledge in the transport / cargo sector with the dynamic philosophy of developing and continuously improving our services.

We ensure comprehensive insurance coverage through specially designed insurance products, serving the needs of each individual insured.

Building long-term relationships of trust and constantly being next to our insured clients by handling promptly and successfully cases of damage is our target.